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The Sudoku Solver  v.1.0

The Sudoku Solver is a project managed in Java programming language using open source choco ( constraint programming library which solves given Sudoku

Absfracked  v.1.0

A Genetic Programming library that uses System F, a polymorphically typed lambda calculus to represent genotypes. System F is very expressive and allows the native representation of all common programming structures and of recursive structures.

BrickHeuristics  v.1.0

A C++ Template Meta-Heuristic library. This project provides a template meta-programming library for meta-heuristics. The library is policy-based, providing policies to build different meta-heuristics applied to several domains.

Libgfpga  v.1.0

libgfpga is a light-wight C/C++ programming library to evaluate and discover FPGA configuration by different manufactures such as Xilinx or Altera. In the future I'm planning a backend for in system programming.

BibleTime  v.2.9.1

BibleTime is a powerful cross platform Bible study tool. It uses the SWORD programming library to work with Bible texts, commentaries, dictionaries and books provided by the CrossWire Bible Society (

FreeHeroes  v.1.0

FreeHeroes is a turn-based strategy game based on popular Heroes series. It is open source and platform independant thanks to Allegro programming library.

Viperball  v.1.0

Viperball is a BSD-licensed project to create a text-simulation based on the first professional racquet sport played on a field - rather than a court - for Windows and Linux, built using the SDL game programming library.

Baskerville Board Game  v.1.0

A companion game to the book, "The Hound of the Baskervilles," made using Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 and the Allegro game programming library (

Bugged  v.1.0

Bugged is a game to be created about bugs (from ants to flys) trying to take over the world and the humans attempt to stop them. The program will utilize C++ and the Allegro Game Programming Library. Initially available only for Windows.

PJX  v.1.4.0

PJX is a general purpose PDF programming library for Java; with support for reading, combining, manipulating, and writing PDF documents.

English Collocations  v.1.0

This is an effort to create an open source, cross platform, multiple interface English Collocation dictionary and programming library for Natural Language Processing applications.

VBF  v.rc

VBF is a programming research project based on the .NET Framework. It contains a function programming library, as well as a research purpose .NET language compiler.

Crossware Development Kit  v.1.0

Java programming library and framework toolkit for distributed application systems running in a cross-platform operating environment.

AllegroPro  v.0.1a

AllegroPro is a cross-platform 2D game programming library that provides access to powerful hardware accelerated features,.

Sven for Linux  v.0.7.2

Document-oriented programming library that helps you put content in SVN

Libuio  v.0.2.1

libuio is a light-wight C programming library to handle UIO device discovery and binding task.

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